I wanted to make sure before posting here towards a new social network, but in the end, and recurrence in use, I can not wait a moment to express my satisfaction about the concept of Foursquare.

I'm not one to define, but here with confidence ;-) say that Foursquare is one (1) social network that pivots around the sites where their users, plus (2) recommendations on geo-system sites, plus (3) identify competitive game among users to gain real milestones, including patrocidados brand.

Its operation is as follows. The user, through the Foursquare mobile terminal application, publish the site (by check-in) where it is at any given time. The geolocator your terminal will suggest what other sites before users have registered in the vicinity where it is. If not available, you can perform high (Site name and address data). In turn, you can add a tweet to choose (also at this moment) which networks you want to see: only your contacts Foursquare, Twitter community, your Facebook friends, or none of them. In any case, the system will assign the appropriate ratings based on the achievements of the check-in: if it is the first time, if it has discharged you in the system, if it gets to be mayor of that site (have done more ckeck the rest-ins, etc..). Your score will increase and get prizes (badges). These badges can be programmed by companies to reward their customers (eg Starbucks rewards users who get their local municipalities, and who most often visit them, or in Spain, TheFork makes specific promotions to its users :-) )

The specific reasons for which I'm liking Foursquare are:

1) I say where and when I publish my location, and who (what network of friends)

2) forming a program is always updated and maintained by the user interactively guide sites

3) I agree to (good and bad) advice of my contacts, and those who still are not (most ;-) about their perception of service sites

4) Reward system (via points and mayorships) encourages the participation of users in a fun way

5) Intervention brands (companies) without rejection (via custom badges, promotions direct check-ins and mayorships, etc.).

6) Good analytical statistical indicators path within the network, achievements

7) Good integration with additional social networks that also use twitter and facebook

8) search sites, users, recommendations

9) Good use of your shortURT on twitter, extending a good branding (4sq.com)

For all this, I'd love to share with you my location Fourquare !

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